Transformations traditionally tend to be overwhelming, risky and expensive. Most large scale transformation initiatives often fail to achieve or even come close to the aggressive targets and expected business goals. The challenge lies in connecting the strategic objectives to execution plan effectively. The focus is on incremental capabilities and customary continuous improvement that doesn’t provide competitive advantage to organization.

If all foundational and operational capabilities are aligned with business strategic initiatives, and with key performance indicators (KPIs), then enterprise assets can be better aligned and managed for a common goal to be valuable. Achieving concrete and sustainable improvement in business metrics due to capability enablement and enhancement will drive overall transformation value, and this is the premise of Enquero’s 3x3 Transformation framework. With our unique framework and structured approach, we can enable organizations to realize true transformation value.

The framework has three dimensions - Programs, Capabilities and KPIs. Each of these dimensions has three levels based on Strategic, Functional and Operational needs of any enterprise. Capability is the heart of the framework. These levels can be connected with each other horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Our business capability management is integrated with all transformation execution enablers – Process, Systems, People and Data. This approach provides an ability to create a map to allow organizations to prioritize, assess dependencies and drive decisions based on the impact of capabilities and values.

Enquero's STEP platform is based on our 3x3 transformation framework that provides a structured approach for your transformation journey to maximize the business value of your investments.

As our organization moves into software sales from a hardware focus business, Enquero has been an integral partner in helping us take this new business model off the ground. With Enquero's STEP we are able to ensure the execution of this new company strategy and transformation is well managed and we achieve the competitive edge we need in the market.

Finance Executive
Leading Networking Company, Silicon Valley