While organizations realize that going global is a key to remain competitive, it goes without saying that doing business across geographic regions is complex and poses many challenges such as increased regulatory and statutory compliance, complex intercompany and transfer pricing rules and constantly changing tax laws. Non-compliance to country-specific rules and regulations can lead to adverse consequences. As a result, the role of enabling localizations and global standardization has become critical for any global company.

The process of adapting enterprise applications and systems to local needs is called localization. The complexity of localization is unique to a country or region and driven by their diversity and tax regulations. Most organizations struggle to start local country operations quickly due to delays in enabling localizations or outsource it to expensive third party service providers.

Our focus is to help organizations understand localization complexities and business priorities to enable local systems and applications quickly. Enquero’s LAP (Localization Architecture Platform) provides local process knowledge repositories and an interactive module to capture requirements through a guided questionnaire based on industry leading practices. It also provides the roadmap and pre-built solution set to accelerate the implementation.

As a Fortune 500 company, you can imagine the large number of legal entities we have and managing them was time-consuming and costly. But as part of our engagement with Enquero we have been able to leverage their LEAP product to automate entity formation, closures and divestitures which has reduced the time spent on each of these activities from months to weeks.

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