In today’s competitive market, customary, continuous improvement only leads to minor incremental benefits. To leapfrog the competition, organizations invest in strategic transformations that are typically designed to deliver significant business value and enhance market position. Organizations establish cause-and-effect relationship between investments and targeted benefits as business case. Then, during the transformation journey the value delivered against these investments is gauged.

This is, however, easier said than done. Transformation initiatives traditionally tend to be overwhelming and expensive. Most of these large-scale programs often fail to achieve or even come close to the aggressive targets and game-changing goals set.

Achieving concrete and sustainable improvement in business metrics due to differentiated capabilities drive overall transformation value, and this is the premise of our Transformation Value Calculator (TVC). It is a framework and tool that provides a structured approach to easily measure transformation value and predict outcomes. It also enables organization to connect its strategies to execution, which in-turn provides confidence to leadership to take decisions that facilitate change.

The ability of Enquero TVC to assess measurable value rests on three core principles:

  • Align capabilities with strategic goals and initiative to drive organizational effectiveness
  • Align capabilities with both quantitative and qualitative business outcomes that are measureable
  • Integrate four key enablers of transformation execution with capabilities - process, systems, data and people

Our focus is to help you realize business value by connecting strategy to execution that are fundamental to any transformation. Enquero’s STEP and TVC provides a structured approach for any transformation journey, and allows you to maximize the transformation investments yield.

Transformation Value Approach

As our organization moves into software sales from a hardware focus business, Enquero has been an integral partner in helping us take this new business model off the ground. With Enquero's STEP we are able to ensure the execution of this new company strategy and transformation is well managed and we achieve the competitive edge we need in the market.

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Leading Networking Company, Silicon Valley


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