Genpact Acquires Leading Data Engineering & Analytics Firm Enquero

Who we are

Enquero is reimagining the digital canvas of business core with a unique framework of ServWare, which brings together software, services and consulting to solve complex problems for faster strategy realization and impact.
We leverage the power of disruptive technologies to fuel data-driven impact. Our customers, and partners over the years, have shown immense trust in our mission to 'Make Ideas Real' and we draw comfort in knowing that our efforts are helping them to create a better digital future.

What we do

  • Data-driven Transformation

    Leverage data and disruptive technologies to enable enterprise-wide actionable insights for new outcomes. Experience gains in Revenue, efficiency in Operations and faster realization of Business Model Innovation through a strong data foundation and an AI-driven Strategy-Process-Systems framework.

  • Business Model Reinvention

    Harness a unique combination of Industry best practices, design-thinking and data for supporting business functions to meet evolving needs of customers and functional users. Realize vision and goals faster through strategy translation and process consulting by prioritizing impact-assured initiatives.

  • Enterprise Digitalization

    Embrace cutting edge technology ecosystem, data and user experience design to power-up digital business innovation and new journeys for enterprise applications and platforms through intelligent digital services and partner software. Build best-of-breed architectures to deliver speed and relevance to business processes.

  • Connected Digital Ecosystem

    Encourage a frictionless digital synergy with all customers and partners to experience next-level digital transformation with intuitive business models for managing strategic and operational hiccups, thus, accelerating value delivery.