How does one choose the right career path? There is no denying that there are diverse options available to leave us confused and scared. Engineering, Medicine, Economics or…? Which stream if Engineering? Nobody has a proper answer to these questions and most certainly not me. The one thing that was clear was that I wanted to fall in love with anything I choose, day in and day out. The intention was to be crystal clear with my inner self which is what will drive me the extra mile. With all these mind-baffling questions, I set out on an adventure to find the right answer to the most important question to me – “What will I do after graduation?” It is said that “The tea tastes good, only when it’s prepared keeping in mind the person’s likes” and the quest for my cup of tea had begun.

My principles were simple. “If you do what you love, there isn’t any scope of getting tired”. This quote is relatable to most of us. As a kid, I loved playing cricket. I would always be ready to play another time even if the first one had drained me completely. I could push myself the extra mile any time and this came from the love for the sport. Similarly, the main motto was to decide my career path keeping my core strength in mind which was – Mathematics. Then began the exploring; through the easiest means of information – Google. This made me realize that the internet is a vast ocean of data and to dig through this data manually would require a few lifetimes. This thought kindled the desire to figure out a ray of light amidst the ocean of darkness. This was my discovery of Data Science. You may now ask “How Data Science?”

While browsing, I came across the concept of factor tree. It was initially disturbing as there was a lot of Statistics involved. This built up the eagerness to crack it as if it were a puzzle and I started climbing up and down the tree. While I did that, there were a lot of ideas blazing in my head and the tree now looked like a strategy for a company. The more I learnt about this and some related topics, I developed a very keen interest in Data Science. It was a perfect blend of Statistics and solving puzzles using computer programming languages. After a lot of introspection, I concluded that this was indeed my cup of tea. I buckled up all the eagerness and anxiety and set out on the data-filled journey. This was the career path that I unknowingly figured out for myself.

But of course, wanting to do and actually doing are two different extremes of the story. The two ends can only be connected only with determination and persistence. This pleasure of pursuing what I really wanted to do, came to me when I got the opportunity of joining the Enquero team. The perfect opportunity was given to me, where I could not only portray my current skills but also add more relevant tools and technologies to my arsenal. We at Enquero believe in making ideas real. And I can definitely say it made mine!

In conclusion, I would say – To thrive at something, you need to have the belief. To hold on to your belief, you need to have the passion. But for all of this to fall into place you need to have the right platform. So, have you found your right platform yet?

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