At Enquero, accountability is one of our core values. While we are working tirelessly towards achieving the company’s business goals, we also hold ourselves accountable to the community that we live in. We believe in making a difference by giving back to the society that helped us grow and thrive. It is an essential part of the people-centric culture at Enquero.

We partner with local non-profit organizations that are making strides in the field of Sustainable Education, Environment Stewardship, Health and Well Being Awareness through Sports, and promoting cultural diversity through Art Performances (EESA).

Helping Alearn get a step closer towards building skills of under-represented students
In May 2017, 10 members of Enquero’s EESA San Jose team spent half a day helping a charity called Alearn (

ALearn was founded in 2007 with the goal of building the skills, knowledge and confidence that students from underrepresented backgrounds need to succeed in college-track classes. Alearn helps almost 2100 underprivileged children.

Enquero’s volunteers helped Alearn in sorting out all the supplies that their 80 teachers will be receiving at their professional development sessions. It was fun activity at the end of which, Alearn was grateful for the task accomplished, while Enquero employees found contentment.

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