Digitalization is no longer just a buzz word. Business of all sizes, from small start-ups to large MNCs need to have a digital strategy for their business. A digital strategy does not stop at investing in a CRM tool or developing a catchy website. Yourdigital strategy should aim to provide the same level of personalized care at all the digital touchpoints of your company,as you would offer in the real world.

Digital Personalization is striving to make the digital experiences as human as possible. Your website should be better at engaging your customers than your rock star sales employee. A survey conducted among the consumer-facing sectors, by Econsultancy, ranked Customer Experience Managementas the single most exciting opportunity for organizations. Digital Personalization leads to enhancing customer’s digital experiences.

Personalizing a digital encounter broadly involves the same three items that any person in sales follows:

  • Observe your customer’s actions
  • Remember their interests and pain points
  • Predict their likes and customize a solution

Digital Personalization strategy need not be more complicated that than the one used by the chef in your office cafeteria who personalizes the pasta for you by remembering the veggies and proteins you like, the meats that you avoid, and predicts that you would order a small size, if you are rushing for a meeting.

Customers leave trail of clues in the digital world that you should capture and remember. The clues may be as simple as how your website was reached and on what device, or could be slightly complex as understanding if the customer prefers to see videos over text,in search result, while searching for a term. Once you have your customer’s data, walk in the customer’s shoes to understand their goals.

Based on the knowledge gathered, your digital personalization strategyshould enable you to offer a custom solution to your customer, such as

  • providing content that is tailored to the user’s needs
  • offering an interactive tool that can resolve customer’s queries
  • utilizing social media to better engage customer

The success of your digital personalization strategy also depends on your tools capability to react swiftly. Therefore, the technology you choose should not only offer an automated solution to mass respond,but also provide autonomy to marketing team to respond quickly without depending on IT Team. Identifying the right CRM tool is a crucial part of your digital strategy.

Implementing a digital personalization strategy that offers individual customizations while maintaining scale is not easy. Moreover, estimating the extent of personalization required is quite complex, as it depends on identifying the vital moment when a personalized communication convinces customer of the strength of your offering.

Partnering with a Digital Technology Expert, such as Enquero,can help you strategize and implement digital personalization strategies for your company. From our experience of working with global organizations,we have devised the tools required to transform digital journeys through personalization. Read more about out Digital Experience Solutions here.

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