Sep 19, 2017 marks yet another milestone in Enquero’ s short and exciting history. Enquero’s India center is celebrating its first successful year since inception. The India journey began in a small office in Bengaluru with 5 members and has quickly expanded to 70+ members by its 1st anniversary.

In a letter to employees, Enquero’s CEO, Mr. Arvinder Singh, expressed his appreciation towards the collective efforts of the India team members who have toiled relentlessly to materialize a once small-footprint vision to an elaborate and tangible reality. Mr. Singh wrote “While this is an important milestone filled with pride for each one of us, there is lot of work ahead of us to keep the momentum going and to outperform ourselves next year. I do believe that perfection can be improved, and I have immense faith in this team that will make it happen”

Mr. Singh emphasized Enquero’s vision around “Engineering Enterprise Digitization”, it’s resonance in the marketplace and the huge opportunity that can be tapped into by continuing to focus on applied innovation based engagement model. Arvinder stressed that “To make this happen we need to focus on one and only one thing, and that is our people. Each of us need to focus on elevating our knowledge about technology and industry to be relevant; build deep skills in the areas of technology that we focus in; and continue to hire people who are smarter than us and as passionate as we are about this journey.”

The first anniversary of Bengaluru office is a feather in Enquero’s cap that the entire Enquero team is extremely proud off.

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