Capability Architecture

Process of translating business strategy into enterprise change

Our Services Design Offering

Business Process Analysis

Analysis of as-is business processes with a view to improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations and arrive at to-be processes.

Process/Policy Impact Assessment

Performing impact assessments of changing processes and policies in order to provide technology deployment recommendations.

Capability framework creation

Cataloging world-class capability view specific to a business functions, domain and type of business

Capability assessment services

Cataloging existing capabilities and mapping them to underlying or evolving business processes and world-class capability view to understand gaps. This leads to realization of new capabilities needed in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Capability blueprint and roadmap creation

Understanding business priorities, cross-functional dependencies and capability inter-dependencies to formulate roadmap for meeting business goals.

Our Implementation Approach

ENQUERO MADE methodology is uniquely designed to deliver ERP and/or edge solutions in an accelerated model. MADE utilizes pre-built industry-based capabilities catalog to map and roadmap the requirements to provide business value. The MADE framework also assembles pre-built business processes blocks supported by pre-built solution sets to deliver various business scenarios by different business persona needs. As a result, the framework reduces the typical implementation timeframe by 30% compared to legacy ERP implementation models.



Dimensions Of Business Architecture

-Shweta Kumar

Winds Are Shifting. Are We Listening?

-Hemant Asher