Connected Data Quality

For businesses today, the value of high-quality data is dictated by the needs of the various applications that will process the data. Poor data quality adversely affects your organization by causing inefficiencies, poor decision making, and mistrust among customers. By establishing measurable metrics that correlate data quality to business goals, organizational data quality can be quantified. The CDQ quality scorecard describes the level of trustworthiness of enterprise data.

Simplified view of Data Quality

Profiles your data and provides an interactive dashboard to view data quality scorecard

Evaluates data quality against custom-defined thresholds and measures conformance to internal or external standards

Delivers insights into inaccurate and incomplete data sets using the data quality dashboards and take corrective actions in time, to save cost and reduce wastage

Fast exploration and anomaly detection

Detects anomalies such as completeness, accuracy, consistency, missing values, outliers, and duplicates and hence, helps you go right into exploration and analysis of data

Ensures that data, regardless of its volume or type, is of the highest quality so you get accurate analytics and improved customer experience