Achieving Business
Impact with Data

Customer expectations are constantly evolving and data has become a strategic asset to help enterprises build an early competitive advantage. In their pursuit of adopting a data driven culture, Data & Analytics has quickly become one of the fastest growing functions within enterprises today.

From building, managing and operationalizing data pipelines, setting up data lakes & data warehouses, and guaranteeing compliance with data governance requirements, our experts are always at hand to help you navigate all stages on your big data journey.

Data & Analytics Simplified

Data & Analytics Simplified

Service Offerings

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    Modernizing Data Warehouses

    We partner with our customers in their journey to move from legacy RDBMS / OLTP systems to enterprise data lakes. Data warehouse modernization enables the data warehouse environment to meet rapidly changing business requirements, provide support for new data sources and build innovative solutions.
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    Building Enterprise Data Lakes with An Agile Approach

    Big data processing & analytics capabilities address business and operational challenges that conventional BI and data warehousing technologies fail to. Data lakes end data silos in an increasingly unstructured big data universe. We help enterprises derive real-time insights from streaming data, retain native format and simplify data acquisition and storage process.
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    Cloud Data Platforms and Services

    As big data application moves beyond BI to intelligence extraction and creation of actionable knowledge; the enterprise architecture needs to evolve from dataset modelling to designing big data as service. We help Enterprises take full advantage of today’s cloud native capabilities and bring transformation across applications, data and infrastructure.
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    Data Management and Governance

    We help stimulate business decisions by enforcing well-defined governance structure for managing and curating growing volumes of data and implementing security measures to protect against cyberthreats. We effectively automate data management and governance to leverage enterprise data for successful business transformation.

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Enquero’s PowerMe empowers enterprises to achieve faster time to insights and make informed decision in real-time or ahead-of-time. Business and data users can easily discover, trace and trust data.


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