Data Engineering And Visualization

Embedding data into every action. Engineering enterprise Data Fabric for analysis, discovery and insights.

Our Value Offerings

Analytics driven Data Strategy

We assess your current strategic drivers, analytics capability maturity, current state of data assets, data management processes and tools to help create a data strategy that will set the foundation for Analytics.

  • Analytics capability roadmap
  • Data foundation architecture, strategy and roadmap
  • Analytics organization design, with CoEs, Data Labs, PoC factory
  • Data quality and audit framework
  • Persona based digital consumption design
  • Insights as a Service, Analytics as a Service

Data management

We help you build a strong foundation with the right strategies, processes, and custom-fit platforms to best manage your data.

  • Technology architecture, platform and tools evaluation
  • Modern data architecture
  • Technology platform implementation
  • Data integration and engineering
  • Cloud strategy
  • Meta data and master data management

Information governance

Our security experts work with you to create a data governance system that keeps your company’s information safe and in the right hands at all times.

  • Data governance
  • Self-service governance
  • Adoption
  • Data and insights quality metrics
  • Security and compliance

Visual analytics

We build beautiful, intuitive analytics dashboards that empower your employees to easily explore and access the information they care about.

  • Bespoke data visualizations
  • Dashboards and scorecards
  • Exception reporting
  • Just-in-time analytics

Content management

Enabling you to properly manage and make use of unstructured data to ensure all value-adding insights can be used to optimize and steer your business processes.

Our Implementation Approach



Data Management

-Roopali Negi

Data Architecture and Data Science - The Growing Divide

-Umang Bharadwaj