Data Lifecycle Visualizer

A comprehensive log of your data lineage will capture the flow of data from the source through intermediary systems including any transformations and changes that occur along the way, as well as details about the processes that moved and transformed the data.

Data Lifecycle Visualizer today provides this information along with the means to confirm that the data is trustworthy for analytics, machine learning, reporting, or indeed, any other business activity.

Interactive data lineage & Impact Analysis

Automated data lineage across Business Intelligence platforms, Databases & ETL

Provides the ability to see how a column or set of columns were created

Perform detailed impact assessment on upstream and downstream data assets empowering users to manage change and reduce errors

Accelerate time-to-insights

Helps you build a visual representation of the data lineage to track data from its origin to its destination

Leverage your datasets to support faster insights and informed decision-making