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Rapidly changing consumer behavior along with evolving technologies has disrupted the “rules of business”. These rules are constantly changing and no longer hold true as they are based on past Knowledge. Yesterday’s knowledge remains an assumption during present times, unless validated through Data. Businesses often adopt an isolated strategy, relying on heuristic knowledge and best-practice frameworks to align their strategy and initiatives to key business outcomes. Even with the right strategy context, businesses may not have the relevance and the agility in their processes to rapidly execute on the said strategy. Hence, they are constantly playing catch-up.

Enquero is purpose-built to help such businesses have a connected Strategy-Process-Systems ecosystem to transform processes for relevance and agility, leveraging data and digital technologies.

Data-driven Strategy Realization Framework

Data & Analytics Simplified

Fundamentals of Data-Driven Transformation

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    Identify key business drivers

    Identifying and monitoring the key drivers of a business are essential for growth and sustainability. It is critical to discover what these drivers are, how are they measured and if they can be acted upon.
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    Prioritize initiatives to maximize ROI

    Re-map and prioritize strategies on a regular basis with changing business conditions. Estimate the costs and benefits of each strategic proposal, as well as their timing. Increase the priority of projects that will pay off sooner, as they can help to fund additional objectives.
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    Enable Data-driven Transformation

    Engage in the data-driven transformation journey by solving complex business problems and adapting a value-driven approach to realize the true potential of data boosted transformation. Data is the cornerstone of all digital transformation initiatives to drive faster and well-informed decisions.
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    Build a Connected Digital Ecosystem

    In a highly inter-connected world, where there is a growing demand for faster GTM, organizations and their partners must come together to build a cohesive ecosystem to solve market needs. In order to serve customers better, drive revenue, and get ahead of the competition, an enabled ecosystem puts businesses in a winning position.

Strategy Made Real

Envision is an intuitive decision board that helps in revealing areas of process improvements, prioritizing strategies and initiatives to enable business leaders to reduce overall organizational risks. Data is a core strategic asset in most organizations.

Organizations spend millions to transform data into meaningful insights to plan KPIs and strategic goals. Data is the cornerstone of all digital transformation initiatives be it investing in analytics capabilities, machine learning, robotics, and other technologies. Envision’s data-driven capabilities will help businesses visualize data responsibly in a cost-effective manner.

Transforming into a Data-Driven Organization

Strategy Assurance

Leverage data to understand if the investments outlined towards key initiatives is expected to deliver desired results. Sharpen focus of key investments through a better understanding of how much weightage needs to be assigned to these strategic levers of Revenue, Profit & Strategic objectives.

Build Strategic Options

New situations call for new solutions. Successful companies are either embracing a new cannibalistic offering or are adapting new business models with dynamic action plans. Organizations are constantly observing their businesses & customer behavior through a data lens, building new points of view and validating through experiments.

Agile Investments

Understand and track key business drivers to allows business managers to constantly evaluate investments on key initiatives and link them to meet expected outcomes, thus, ensuring higher ROIs.


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Enquero’s PowerMe empowers enterprises to achieve faster time to insights and make informed decision in real-time or ahead-of-time. Business and data users can easily discover, trace and trust data.



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