Data Analyst | Bengaluru, India

“It's not what you're inside, it's what you do which defines you.”

— Batman

Which industries do you know well / have worked the most in?
High Tech, Manufacturing.

What did you study? (Education details)
Bachelors in Engineering (Instrumentation and Control Engineering), MIT Manipal.

What do you like the most about Enquero / what attracted you to Enquero?
The friendly vibe and the feeling of oneness makes Enquero unique & alluring

Non-work related skills / tasks / hobbies that you enjoy doing?
I am professional short filmmaker for whom Cinema is the only religion and Chris Nolan the only God.

What was your first job? Any interesting memories / Lessons learnt from your first job that you would like to share as inspiration for others?
I started my career as Software Developer at Infosys Limited. Of many things that I learnt, loyalty is the one I cultured the most.

I have lived and worked in the following cities / countries (I am a global citizen)
I have lived in Bengaluru, New Delhi, Patna and Kolkata.

Favorite Quote
It's not what you're inside, it's what you do which defines you

Favorite Author / Personality / Manager
Steven Gerrard (Former Liverpool and England Football Team Captain)

One interesting thing about your location that you love the most (Bay Area / Lafayette / Seattle / Bengaluru)
The Unpredictable Weather.

Three interesting things people don’t know about you?
I am a decent choreographer. I have undertaken multiple fashion modeling assignment during college days. I have played all the versions of EA Sports - FIFA since 1998.

Any inspiring message / lessons that you would like to share with team
Originality is a true projection of one's character.

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