Priya Ponni

Software Engineer | San Jose, California

“Be the change you want to see - Simple quote with a deep impact.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

Which industry has been your métier and what has your work portfolio been like over the years?
Most of my exposure is in Supply Chain E-Commerce platform and Software Licensing

What was your discipline in college?
B.S Engineering in Computer Science

According to you which technical and business skills are your forte?
Salesforce, Angular JS, Node JS, Mongo DB

What do you like the most about Enquero and what attracted you to Enquero?
Enquero truly recognizes and values It’s people and their contributions, and that plays a major motivation factor to me. I like the open culture, importance given to career and talent growth, encouragement & the freedom given to explore new avenues.

What do you do in your leisure time?
In my leisure I like to cook and enhance my culinary skills. I also like to explore variety of meetups and have a love for travel

Can you tell us a little about your journey? Your first job and lessons learnt from your experience; that you would like to share as inspiration for others?
My first job was as a Software Engineer in Lister Technologies (Chennai). The opportunities that I got to learn were the best that a fresher can get. The most basic but important principle that I learnt there; which helps me every day – ‘Before asking questions to someone, try to find out the answers by yourself’. This has helped me many times not just professionally but also personally.

I have lived and worked in the following cities / countries (I am a global citizen)
India, Australia – Melbourne, Sydney, USA – Bay area

Favorite Quote
Be the change you want to see - Simple quote with a deep impact

Favorite Author / Personality
A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Joel Spolsky (CEO of stack overflow)

Three interesting things people don’t know about you?
Intensive multitasker after becoming a mom
Loves driving with music

Any message for your colleagues
Work smart and have fun.

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