Tanuja Bowmik

Principal Consultant | Bengaluru, India

“Don’t postpone your happiness until some future date; be happy now, tomorrow will take care of itself.”


Which industries do you know well / have worked the most in?
Telecom, Networking.

What did you study? (Education details)
B.Tech (Computer Science), MBA (Purdue University).

What do you like the most about Enquero / what attracted you to Enquero?
The flat structure in this organization allows you to take up new responsibilities that not only contribute towards the growth of the company but also helps in self-development.

Non-work related skills / tasks / hobbies that you enjoy doing?
Travelling, Reading, Yoga and Meditation.

What was your first job? Any interesting memories / Lessons learnt from your first job that you would like to share as inspiration for others?
First job was in TCS as a Systems Engineer. Lessons Learnt: As my mom says it is not wrong to not know things but to not ask and learn stuff that you do not know. Nothing is impossible if you try hard enough.

I have lived and worked in the following cities / countries (I am a global citizen)
Worked in India, Japan, US.

Favorite Quote
‘Don’t postpone your happiness until some future date; be happy now, tomorrow will take care of itself’ – Sri Sri

Favorite Author / Personality / Manager
Paulo Coelho

One interesting thing about your location that you love the most (Bay Area / Lafayette / Seattle / Bengaluru)
Applicable for both Bay Area and Bengaluru: The Pleasant weather

Three interesting things people don’t know about you?
Co-founded educational initiative ‘Light a Lamp’ that imparts spoken English and computer training to underprivileged youth.

Any inspiring message / lessons that you would like to share with team
It is ok to make mistakes but not ok to repeat them. Quoting someone ‘Wise is the one who learns from another´s mistakes. Less wise is the one who learns only from his own mistakes. The fool keeps making the same mistakes again and again and never learns from them.’

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