Harness the power
of Automation

Robotic Process Automation is a modern technology to develop digital workforce, called as “robots” (in short “bot”) to execute the repetitive business processes to increase operational efficiency and reduce the human errors in the organization. Most importantly, these software “bots” are configured to run 24/7, make zero mistakes and costs too little as compared to human efforts

At Enquero, we work on leading RPA platforms to build automated solutions for enterprises and integrate with disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Process Mining and Natural Language Processing with RPA to enhance productivity, generate time & costs saving, and improve scalability of the business.

Evolve beyond conventional rule-based automation

RPA has evolved beyond the conventional rule-based processes to an intelligent cognitive automation. Automation with human like intelligence is redefining the way tasks are performed in enterprises these days. Our Enquero experts will help the RPA journey of your enterprise and also augment the Robotic Process Automation capability with Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Computer Vision, Text Analytics and NLP to build Intelligent Automation capability to further scale your enterprise and help stay ahead in the digital transformation race. The journey is to achieve Hyper Automation!


Rule Based



Ride on the robotic wave

Automation is a strategic initiative and a must-have enterprise competency. RPA is an important component in an enterprise’s digital business toolbox. It works in conjunction with several other systems to deliver the digital results enterprise is looking for – improved job quality, greater efficiency, avoid human errors, reduced risk and better customer service.


    • Define vision and roadmap
    • Identify opportunities
    • Develop RPA business case
    • Establish RPA lean team
    • Select technology platform

    • Provision RPA platform
    • Pilot automation use case
    • Prepare use case inventory
    • Define project plan
    • Establish governance

    • Setup command center
    • Prioritize user stories
    • Design and develop BOTs
    • Perform model validation and deploy

    • Establish RPA CoE
    • Monitor BOT operation metrics & utilization
    • Build in-house RPA team and expertise

    • Perform automation cost-benefit analysis
    • Adopt continuous improvement process
    • Scale to advanced and intelligent automation

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