Intelligent Data Catalog

PowerMe creates a self-service environment that empowers users to find, trust and consume relevant data & analytics assets and gain actionable insights to deliver business value. With single window access and intelligent keyword search capabilities, enterprises drive wider adoption of analytics assets enabling a strong analytics-driven culture.

Simplifies data discovery

Simplifies data discovery through a powerful and unified search interface

ML driven search recommendation system based on similar assets

Captures both business and technical metadata which helps Data Consumers, BI Users & Data Engineers in achieving business impact with data

Ensures complete transparency and quick discovery of trusted data sets

Unified view of all your data

PowerMe’s built-in connectors for leading Analytics & BI applications create a single window to search & discover reports and dashboards in the enterprise BI & analytics landscape across multiple geographies, both in cloud and on-prem environment

Automated scanning of BI & Analytics assets to derive metadata insights on usage patterns and build consumption heat-maps to optimize BI & Reporting systems for better adoption & accelerated cost efficiencies

Promotes collaboration

Rate and comment on dashboards and reports across diverse set of platforms

Trending reports are displayed to the user based on consumption, ratings, and relevance

Business users can chat with the report owner, provide feedback and share the asset with team members

Provides a foundation for data governance

Role based access to balance governance and security requirements

Analyze usage of dashboards, reports and tables across systems

Create better reports backed by high quality data

Creates self-service organizations

Associates business terms with technical metadata for quick and easy discovery

Single sign-on authentication to open reports and dashboards in native environment