Intelligent Data Catalog

Data is a valuable commodity, but for enterprise to generate more value out of it, data consumers and business users should be able to quickly discover, manage and understand the right data. IDC empowers you to turn your Enterprise data into actionable insights to support the digital business initiatives.

Simplifies data discovery

Simplifies data discovery through a powerful and unified search interface

ML driven search recommendation system based on similar assets

Captures both business and technical metadata which helps Data Consumers, BI Users & Data Engineers in achieving business impact with data

Ensures complete transparency and quick discovery of trusted data sets

Unified view of all your data

Ingests metadata from multiple data sources offering a simple and efficient way to catalog all the information assets in one central repository

Provides visibility and control of your enterprise BI landscape

Promotes collaboration

Creates a consolidated data repository helping everyone to collaborate around data

Learn more about your data by evaluating it based on ratings and reviews from peers

Provides a foundation for data governance

Role based access to balance governance and security requirements

Analyze usage of dashboards, reports and tables across systems

Create better reports backed by high quality data

Creates self-service organizations

Associates business terms with technical metadata for quick and easy discovery

Empowers business users with self-service access to the most valuable data