Entity Restructuring

Accelerate growth and profitability

A new legal entity formulation or restructuring in an enterprise is mostly driven by strategic growth or tax benefits. This includes development of new businesses, geographic expansion, mergers and acquisitions, shifting legal entity to tax-friendly jurisdiction or splitting for special economic zones. LEAP helps enterprises add or restructure legal entities by simplifying decision making, and reducing execution time significantly through automating ERP configurations, data migration and testing effort.

Entity Enabler

Entity Enabler is a leading entity automation platform with comprehensive set of AI & ML capabilities to power enterprise digital transformation. Built on advanced architecture, it provides document automation and management solutions addressing security, audit and workflow requirements in compliance with enterprise governance.

Chart of Accounts

With a comprehensive set of automation capabilities, including setting up new accounting segments with multiple level approval hierarchy & supporting parallel accounting frameworks, Chart of Accounts enables enterprises to unlock full potential of automation. It assures security and scalability to help accelerate innovation-led growth.

Experience the Enterprise-grade automation platform

  • Flexible business questionnaire for setting up entities, ledgers and subledgers

  • Quick turnaround time to build new entities, ledgers and subledgers by replicating the existing ones

  • Analysis and closure of dormant entities, ledger and subledger

  • Seamless data migration for master data including customer, supplier and sites from one entity to other

  • Maintain and setup new chart of accounts segments with multiple level approval hierarchy

Driving impact at scale from workflow automation

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    Reducing operational cost, realizing tax benefits, and bringing strategic agility

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    Cutting down efforts and time in decision making process through pre-built questionnaire

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    Shortening execution time significantly by accelerating ERP configurations

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    Eliminating manual errors and standardizing configurations and capabilities across the organization