Entity ReStructuring Simplified with LEAP – Legal Entity
Automation Platform


Create sustainable legal entity structure with Enquero’s LEAP (Legal Entity Automation Platform).


Legal Entity Modeler

Identify changes in existing structure to model future state entities

Legal Entity Profiler

Capture data attributes for legal entities restructuring needs

Guided Questionnaire

Drive step by step decision making on requirements based on industry leading practices

Configurations Generator

To automate the configuration definitions of ledger and sub-ledgers of ERP system

Execution Accelerator

Review, approve and automate the entire setups in ERP system

Legal Entity Dashborad

For ad-hoc reports and charting capabilities

Drive Transformational Results

LEAP is a key cornerstone of finance business transformation designed to accelerate mergers and acquisitions or restructuring of legal entities.

Current economic and market conditions need agility from businesses to grow horizontally and vertically and yet stay lean. LEAP provides a platform to simplify and automate execution steps for new legal entity setups or closure. This enables businesses to significantly cut execution time and effort on business critical initiatives.
LEAP has been optimized to drive quick, impactful results for organizations of all sizes and across all industries. With LEAP, enterprises can ensure:

  • A sustainable and more efficient legal entity structure that unlocks tangible and intangible value by reducing operational cost, realizing tax benefits, and bringing strategic agility
  • Reduce efforts and time in decision making process through pre-built questionnaire while executing new legal entity restructuring, rollout, merger or acquisition, or divestures
  • Reduce execution time significantly by accelerating ERP configurations
  • Reduce manual errors and standardize configurations and capabilities across the organization

Enterprise-Grade But Simplified

LEAP is a web-based software application and methodology that is built on next generation open technologies and leading ERP platforms.

It can be used to model existing or future state complex entity structure and delivers the outcomes that organization needs. Organizations will hit the ground running and reap benefits quickly with a multi-user, role-based, connected, secure and intuitive platform.

With LEAP you get

  • A Cloud-based or On-Premise Platform – flexible deployment options and eliminate the time and cost associated with installation, administration and maintenance
  • Focus on Efficiency – from an intuitive user interface to flexible and configurable setups as well as ad-hoc reports and dashboards capabilities, LEAP supports only those essential features and functions that deliver results
  • Tangible Value Creation – from the very first Legal Entity assessment, get tangible benefits and experience immediate ROI

As a Fortune 500 company, you can imagine the large number of legal entities we have and managing them was time-consuming and costly. But as part of our engagement with Enquero we have been able to leverage their LEAP product to automate entity formation, closures and divestitures which has reduced the time spent on each of these activities from months to weeks.

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