Search, Understand & Trust the Enterprise Data

Data is the new powerhouse that makes modern businesses run. In a digitally transformed and connected world, infinite streams of information are being produced, at a mind-boggling volume and pace. To extract value and help organizations run efficiently, it is vital to ensure that the data you receive is accurate, timely, complete, cost-effective, and accessible. Every function from finance to compliance, technology to marketing needs effective data management for better operation.

PowerMe is a comprehensive intelligent tool having an insights-driven platform that helps you accelerate initiatives with smarter business intelligence. PowerMe helps you make better business decisions with clear visibility of data assets and a deeper understanding of data lineage.

Intelligent Data Catalog (IDC)

Intelligent Data Catalog facilitates information asset discovery and understanding across business functions enabling users to collaborate and improve productivity. Data Consumers and Key Decision Makers spend less time looking for data and more time deriving value from it.

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Data Lifecycle Visualizer (DLV)

Data Lifecycle Visualizer helps Enterprises, manage data throughout its entire lifecycle, from initial acquisition to final visualization. Capture lineage and assess impact across the data’s lifecycle, at different points in the value chain.

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Connected Data Quality (CDQ)

Connected Data Quality profiles, cleans, and masks data in any format, and size regardless of technology and platform to deliver data you can trust and derive powerful insights. It encompasses all aspects for Data Quality framework and attributes covering completeness, accuracy, consistency, accessibility in real-time while validating data as per user defined quality thresholds.

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Supported Data Sources