Improving Enterprise Data and Analytics Adoption

PowerMe creates an easily discoverable pool of trustworthy Analytics and BI assets, empowering Business Users to search, discover, understand and collaborate with data to power insights-led decision making and maximize data-driven culture.

Enterprises are using data, now more than ever to accelerate innovation, drive strategic business decision making, and ensure the success of their digital transformation initiatives. PowerMe is the industry’s only Integrated Analytics Catalog with built-in Data Quality and Data Lineage. With a single window access to the Enterprise BI and Analytics content and intelligent search capabilities, users always have access to trusted and high-quality reports, dashboards and datasets.

Intelligent Data Catalog (IDC)

Facilitate data democratization while enabling self-service that can help users quickly and easily find relevant, trustworthy data for smarter decision making. ML embedded capabilities ensure users access high-quality analytics and BI content, understand the business context, gain actionable insights and consume data with confidence.

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Data Lifecycle Visualizer (DLV)

Understand the business context of your data, gain visibility on where the data came from, how it has transformed throughout its journey and where it is getting consumed. The depiction of data quality over end-to-end lineage ensures access of trusted data for driving informed business decision making. Users can visually comprehend the impact of change in a data element on downstream reports, tables and dashboards enabling end to end business impact analysis.

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Connected Data Quality (CDQ)

Connected Data Quality profiles, cleans, and masks data in any format, and size regardless of technology and platform to deliver data you can trust and derive powerful insights. It encompasses all aspects for Data Quality framework and attributes covering completeness, accuracy, consistency, accessibility in real-time while validating data as per user defined quality thresholds.

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Supported Data Sources