Unleash the power of your enterprise data

What if browsing through all your data was as easy as searching something online? What if you could get recommendations and forecasting through a searchable catalog? Do you hope for a system that automates your data inventory?

PowerMe turns these what-ifs into reality through a collaborative data catalog for your enterprise. The insights-driven platform helps you accelerate initiatives with smarter Business Intelligence. Make better business decisions with a clear visibility of data assets and a deeper understanding of data lineage.

As data quadruples, so do the challenges. Some common struggles are


the right data faster


the context of data for effective analysis


data to drive better decisions


with peers for quicker time-to-insight


anomalous patterns in data


of Information assets

With PowerMe, you get

Data landscape visibility

Easily make your way through a curated catalog of information assets with a self-service interface. Let a rich experience redefine your analytics and BI adoption. Get needs, behavior and analytics-based recommendations with the help of smooth contextual collaboration.

360 Management

Enhance the success of database and tool migrations with a 360O view of your Business Intelligence landscape. Use charts to monitor license utilization and discover more opportunities for success.

One-stop governance

Understand personal data usage and interpret access behavior. View data lineage and assess impact to minimize discrepancies.

PowerMe modules

BI Catalog

Take control of your BI landscape and discover valuable information through a personalized user experience

Data Catalog

Trace and define your entire data lineage better with a unified search tool and integrated glossaries

Data Quality

Measure data accuracy, troubleshoot issues faster and deliver initiatives more efficiently

PowerMe Features

Browse through information assets

PowerMe connects your business language to the technical nomenclature of your data. Find the right data when you need to, without getting lost in translation. Easily search through all information assets in an automated inventory and monetize existing investments better.

Trace data lineage

Get a complete visibility into the systems that your data went through before appearing on your dashboard. You can utilize REST (representational state transfer technology) based APIs to import lineage directly and assess impacts through a highly interactive data lineage browser.

Metadata management

Make the most of your data sets by enriching them through descriptions, common elements for linking, quality metrics and other dataset-specific details. PowerMe gives you a commonly accessible meta-store which includes a unified search tool.

Set up data quality parameters

PowerMe helps you maximize business value by automating processes to identify and prioritize data quality issues, improving the accuracy and integrity of data, and filtering out data that fails to adhere to the specified internal standards

Get behavior-based insights

PowerMe assesses your analytic ecosystem and understands your data usage. Gradually, it reflects this information to the users, enabling them to kick-start their own data literacy. It also gives you personalized recommendations by leveraging usage behavior and organizational maps.

Optimization analysis

Using PowerMe’s prebuilt charts, analysis and insights we can keep a track of usage statistics for reports and data assets, no. of licenses for tools & data sources in use and consolidate and delete the redundant ones saving licensing and storage costs

Integrates with all leading BI and Data Platforms

PowerMe Usage Across Various Persona

Data Consumers

Analysts and information seekers across the enterprise who look for reporting and data assets to carry out decision making roles. Self service is key to their effectiveness.

Data Stewards

Enterprise users who build reports, seek adoption and track metrics. Data Stewards who look to establish governance and gather visibility into access.

Data Engineers

Custodians of the BI and Data landscape in an enterprise who are responsible for to drive initiatives around modernization, rationalization and license optimization.

Customers Share their Reviews

Ginger VictorSenior Manager Business Intelligence, VMware

“Enquero's PowerMe is key to our evolving Enterprise Information Management strategy. We were dealing with numerous Bl platforms and a large volume of reports and dashboards with possibility of duplicity across the environments. With PowerMe we were able to catalog on all reporting assets, assess usage patterns and tag the unnecessary ones. It supports our rationalization and migration efforts thus, saving us valuable time and money.”

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