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The Client

The customer is a leading global seller of fresh produce. With more than 100 years of farming heritage, they work with over 750 independent growers across geographies to cater to over 400 customer delivery locations.  

At a glance

One of the largest distributors of fresh produce was on a mission to digitally improve the demand-supply pipeline visibility to deliver exceptional customer experience. Along with seamless cloud migration, Enquero leveraged latest technologies to build innovative business solutions for enabling real-time access to information. This, empowered the customer to operate and engage with growers, partners and consumers in new and improved ways.

What we did

  • Digital transformation

  • Speed to market

  • Real-time information

  • Supply-chain efficiency

  • Demand forecasting

Demand more than Supply

The client was struggling to meet the ever-growing market demand for fresh produce. They were compromising efficiency and timely delivery due to manual tracking and forecasting of harvest orders between the harvest planners and growers, while operating outdated on-premise servers. This further resulted in the following challenges:

  • Late communication of harvest orders and late visibility of forecast changes

  • Delay in updating harvest orders based on last minute requests from supply chain groups

  • Poor accessibility of enterprise resources by external users and partners

  • Lack of quality and real-time data

  • Repeated configuration process on each individual server

  • Prone to data loss during emergencies

Driving business performance by digitalizing the core

After a detailed baseline examination of systems, processes and operations, problems were identified to pinpoint areas, where best practices had been overlooked. Enquero’s solutions provided targeted and incremental fixes to generate rippling transformation from within the organization.

Ways of Working

A mobile-based application was implemented to improve collaboration between growers and harvest planners to support near-term forecast and harvest order conversion. This communication, previously, was heavily dependent on telephonic conversations. The mobile application improved efficiency in harvest order creation because the planners could now access real-time updates and last-minute changes to orders.


The client was facing challenges in managing modern applications on traditional on-premise data servers. Enquero’s cloud migration services, helped the client to successfully migrate all their on-premise data to AWS cloud. The initial synchronization of the existing server data and the continuous replication of any newly written server data happened in real-time, making the process extremely streamlined. Through extensive use of various service offerings of AWS cloud for compute, storage, database, messaging and analytics, the client’s business processes were made agile and efficient, thus, enabling key functions to focus on value-driven activities.


  • Connected community of growers & planners

  • Forecast Reminders and Submission

  • Easy visibility of harvest orders, ability to plan ahead

  • Persona and analytics driven user experience

  • Efficiency improvement in harvest order creation process

  • Minimized risk of data losses and improved data security


peripheral costs


Faster time
to market


turnaround time


operational efficiency

Accelerating business performance

The client is now able to quickly respond to marketplace demand with improved communication between growers and harvest planners, thus, ensuring reliable and delightful customer experience. With scalable cloud platform for all backup storage, compute, and searching needs, the customer has been able to migrate all their services out of traditional data centres to save time and gain operational efficiencies.

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